Visual Artist Frank Bonilla







Visual Artist Frank Bonilla

Visual Artist Frank Bonilla

Fresno, California


I have loved abstract art since I was in high school. I think I liked abstract art, due to the fact that I couldn't draw nice body figures, or paint beautiful painting. I only had one choice, be an individual, and create my own art!
Next I discovered photography classes in junior college.
The years passed by, and along came computers, and the digital age! I combined my three hobbies of abstract art, photography, and digital cameras to create digital abstract art. This is my big area of enjoyment. I do take other images, of landscapes, nature,and just about anything else my eye catches. I see many great artists and photographers here on FFA, and other websites. I consider it an honor to be among these people, and have them look at my art.
I like to call myself Visual Artist Frank Bonilla, and I live in Fresno, California. I hope you enjoy my images.

Note to buyers: All of my abstract art, and all other images are of a digital medium. My digital images may be purchased as a print, or canvas.


Tornado From Above


Courtright Reservoir






















Purple Haze


Corby Yates










Hearts Peace


Hearts Love








Hearts #27


Hearts #30